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Youth Weightlifting

May 5, 2023

Youth weight training and lifting has been a controversial topic over the years. Critics of training younger individuals report that it is “dangerous” and argue higher injury rates compared to adults. Recently, there has been a shift in this training mindset. Studies consistently show that youth weightlifting is in fact advantageous for both sport and physical performance with a low inherent risk of injury if applied properly (1).

The key to safe and effective youth weightlifting comes down to supervision of technique, movement patterns, and training programs (1). Youth athletes should be properly instructed on the fundamentals of weightlifting by a knowledgeable and well qualified fitness expert, strength and conditioning coach or performance health care provider. This instruction is vital in the development of proper movement patterns, enhancement of athletic performance, and to reduce injury risk.

Youth training has been shown to enhance power, rate of force output, strength, speed, body composition, and even cardiorespiratory performance (1). Not to mention, weight training early in an adolescent’s development can be empowering and promotes a good relationship with physical fitness for life (1).

At Vital Force Physio we ensure that our youth athletes move well, move strong, and move effectively. Our performance physios provide weight training in a manner that rebuilds athletes to get back to their sport and motivates them to stay strong for life.

Move Stronger,

Dr. Bryan Vranic

Owner, Performance Physical Therapist

Vital Force Physio


1. Pierce KC, Hornsby WG, Stone MH. Weightlifting for Children and Adolescents: A Narrative Review. Sports Health. 2022;14(1):45-56. doi:10.1177/19417381211056094

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