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Vital Force has been such an amazing driver of my recovery from a full Achilles tendon rupture and subsequent multiple surgeries. I could be sitting at home never running or jumping again, but Dr. Tom’s expertise has made all the difference in getting back to an active lifestyle that I have lived for so long! I am incredibly thankful for Vital Force!

Kate Grise

I would highly recommend Dr. Bryan Vranik to anyone seeking physical therapy. He was very organized and thoughtful in his approach to developing a successful plan for me. I appreciate his professionalism and follow-up throughout the process.

Brad Elam

Vital force has been a crucial part of my training and health care. The whole team is helpful, educated, and incredibly insightful. I came to them with many previous sports Injuries and an autoimmune disease. They worked with me to find my baselines and increase mobility and stability in order to better perform in my sport as well as prevent further injuries. I will be keeping Dr. Bryan as a part of my healthcare team right up there with my chiropractor and cryotherapist. Without them, I couldn’t maintain the level of activity I desire in my life!

Becca Karrasch

Saw Dr. Tom for 6 weeks due to a shoulder issue that I’d been dealing with for about 8 months. I couldn’t reach across my body without pain and any bench, dip, push up movement was painful in the A/C joint. I felt really limited in the gym during metcons and heavy days. Tom did some dry needling and I followed his instructions for 6 weeks. While working with Tom I actually increased my volume (adding a bodybuilding track) to the normal 5-6 days of CrossFit workouts each week. I am now pain-free and can tell you that I should have had this looked at when it started 8 months ago. It’s fun to work out again! Tom was no-nonsense and got the job done

Doug Kruthaupt

I hurt my knee shortly after starting a much higher exercise intensity than I was used to with CrossFit and also had some shoulder discomfort. Tom did a great job identifying the issue and helping me increase mobility in the knee and shoulder that were bothering me and by learning why those were bothering me he helped prepare me on how to maintain better practices going forward to avoid complications.

Andrew Kempton

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Brandi Smith

Bryan was so helpful in helping me with my shoulder and elbow. Gave me great stretches and recommendations. Also great at following up and staying in touch.

Isaac Shelton

I came and saw Dr. Tom for a muscle strain. He gave me workouts to do and within a few weeks, I was as good as new! You certainly can’t go wrong with these guys.