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Why You Need a Running Analysis

April 4, 2024

Running analyses are performed by physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, fitness professionals, and running coaches to assist in the assessment of a runner’s gait mechanics. The information gained in a running analysis can shed light on impairments in performance and causes of pain or injury. Active individuals looking to optimize their athleticism and movement should consider a running analysis to take their game to the next level. Follow along as we highlight how a running analysis is one of the best assessments tools for an active life.

See What We See

Physical therapists and other fitness professionals have an eye for breaking down an athlete’s movement patterns in real time. This takes years of schooling, certifications, training, and practice. When you watch a video of yourself running it is difficult to know what to look for as you analyze your mechanics. First off, it happens too fast! Running is a quick, alternating movement. There are many parts of the gait cycle that can cause performance deficits or pain. Video analysis software allows physical therapists to draw specific joint angles to emphasize deficits. These lines and angles are what the pros visualize when observing an athlete run. A good running analysis provides athletes with expert level information that they can see!

Root Cause

A running analysis can zero in on the main issue of an athlete’s gait cycle. If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing. For example, if you suspect that your ankle instability is the main cause for poor running performance and only train the lower leg you are likely to miss a large piece of the puzzle (hint: it might be a problem with your hip!). Video analysis provides information that the performance professional can use to view the entire athlete by displaying how different body regions influence each other. By making these connections, your sports therapist or coach can precisely devise a program that will address your impairments for the best results.

Improve Performance and Decrease Pain

When specific running faults and movement impairments are discovered in a running analysis, a proper plan can be put into place. Specific exercise and accessory training are implemented based on the assessment findings. It’s best to be specific! That is what drives results!

Track Progress

Video analyses can be saved and reviewed to assess progress. Often still shot images are taken at different stages of the gait cycle and can be displayed as “Before and After” photos. These images reveal to the athlete and coach the improvements or changes that are occurring in their running program. Scheduled re-assessments via video analysis keep athletes accountable, motivated, and empowered. Reviewing multiple videos also provides vital information about changes that could be happening in training and assist the professional in adjusting the program for optimal results.

At Vital Force Physio our performance physical therapists routinely perform running analyses to decrease pain, rehab injury, and build stronger runners. We utilize state of the art video analysis software to highlight specific movement patterns, and provide athletes, runners, and patients with information they need to meet their goals.

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