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Standing Desks

August 4, 2022

As a Physical Therapist and active human, I believe that standing desks are an excellent way to optimize health and avoid the deleterious effects of prolonged sitting. Check out the list below to maximize your standing desk set up.

1. Optimal Height

Proper ergonomics are vital for a good standing desk. Make sure that you set the height at a level that allows you to relax your shoulders but also stay upright when typing at your computer or writing.

2. Options to elevate and lower the desk

Many standing desks come with a crank or an electric component that allows for a quick transition from sitting to standing.

This is a great option for those looking to make the switch to a standing desk. It is also ideal for changing body positions (see below for more on that!)

3. Change body positions frequently

Even static standing can have negative consequences on your joints, muscles, and posture.

Every 30 minutes move to a different position: sitting in a chair, standing, and even sitting on the floor!

Periodically perform 10 squats, static lunges, and/or heel raises.

4. Stretch while at your desk

Get your mobility in while at work!

Slant boards are an easy piece of equipment that can be placed under your desk. Stretch out your calves, feet and toes (check out the board in the picture made by The Tib Bar Guy).

Work out those hips and low back by getting into the Standing Figure 4 Pose.

Take off those shoes and stand on a surface that stimulates pressure points in your foot.

These mats can help to decrease tension, decrease soreness, and possibly keep you more alert while you stare at your monitor all day.

The above suggestions are not an all-inclusive list of standing desk options. Find out what works for you and your occupation. But remember, Movement Is Medicine! You can reverse the negative effects of a long, stiff, and static day at your job by simply standing more!

Movement is Vital for a healthy body and Your Body is a Force to be reckoned with,

Dr. Bryan Vranic, PT, DPT, CSCS, CF-L1

Please consult your Physical Therapist, Physician or Healthcare Provider before starting any new exercise program.

Check out The Tib Bar Guy for slant boards and gym equipment!

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