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Blood Flow Restriction IN West Chester

While exercise remains a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, there’s an innovative approach known as personalized blood flow restriction therapy that can amplify your results with the same commitment and effort. Following an injury or surgery, it’s natural for muscles to undergo changes, often leaving your body appearing asymmetrical. However, personalized blood flow restriction therapy can expedite the healing process and restore symmetry.

Exercise alone can sometimes lead to feelings of despondency after an injury or surgery. Many individuals sense that something is amiss, preventing them from returning to their ‘normal’ selves. This lingering dissatisfaction may foster procrastination and the belief that they must resign themselves to this state for life. Years later, they continue to harbor unhappiness with their progress, feeling distant from their true selves.

Personalized blood flow restriction therapy emerges as a solution to accelerate recovery post-injury, surgery, or medical procedures. At Vital Force Physio, we witness individuals daily reclaiming the lives they desire through personalized blood flow restriction therapy—a natural pathway to embracing the life you envision.

Understanding Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Therapy in West Chester

The technique harnessed in personalized blood flow restriction therapy employs a device akin to a blood pressure monitor to limit blood flow to specific body areas during exercise. This ingenious method tricks your muscles into believing they’re undergoing strenuous workouts without subjecting your surgical or injured region to undue stress. This means you can exert effort at 85-90% intensity while only performing 20-35% of the actual work.

Numerous studies have attested to the efficacy of this system in restoring mobility and expediting recovery for individuals grappling with cumulative trauma disorders or other soft tissue dysfunctions. These remarkable benefits consistently manifest across a wide spectrum of cases.

Our rehabilitation approach involves temporary and intermittent occlusion of blood flow through veins during exercise. This technique allows for lighter exercise while still facilitating hypertrophy (muscle growth) and strength gains. Achieving hypertrophy and muscle strength typically necessitates lifting heavy loads.


Precise reduction of blood flow is crucial for yielding positive results. The pressure required varies from person to person, contingent upon factors such as limb size, tissue density, blood pressure, tourniquet placement, and tourniquet width. To accommodate these variables, our healthcare provider deploys a specialized tourniquet system equipped with monitoring capabilities. They will also engage in a discussion with you regarding any contraindications associated with this treatment, ensuring your suitability for the therapy.


Once you’ve determined your personalized pressure level, you can embark on exercises tailored to your rehabilitation plan. Despite lifting lighter weights, you may notice heightened muscle fatigue—a desired outcome due to lactate buildup. To optimize your response, it’s imperative to diligently complete all sets and repetitions recommended by your healthcare provider. An increase in heart rate and sensations reminiscent of a rigorous workout are normal and expected.

Benefits of Blood Flow Restriction Therapy in West Chester

Following your workout and adequate lactate accumulation, several positive effects emerge, including heightened growth hormone production and enhanced metabolic factors that foster muscle growth. Muscle protein synthesis also elevates, contributing to improved muscle development. To maximize these benefits, it’s advisable to consult your healthcare provider for tailored nutritional guidelines.

Side Effects

Side effects are exceedingly rare, with the most common ones including transient residual swelling, muscle fatigue, and mild soreness—typically resolving within 24 hours. If you experience prolonged swelling, fatigue, or soreness, don’t hesitate to contact your healthcare provider for guidance.

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Doug Kruthaupt

Saw Dr. Tom for 6 weeks due to a shoulder issue that I’d been dealing with for about 8 months. I couldn’t reach across my body without pain and any bench, dip, push up movement was painful in the A/C joint. I felt really limited in the gym during metcons and heavy days. Tom did some dry needling and I followed his instructions for 6 weeks. While working with Tom I actually increased my volume (adding a bodybuilding track) to the normal 5-6 days of CrossFit workouts each week. I am now pain-free and can tell you that I should have had this looked at when it started 8 months ago. It’s fun to work out again! Tom was no-nonsense and got the job done.

Jon Peters

I can’t say enough how much better my knee feels after visiting Dr. Tom Long. I had constant cracking in my knee that continued to get worse each week and developed into pain over time. I am almost pain-free after 4 visits. Thank you Dr. Long!